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| April 29, 2020



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Pure Extended Life continues to provide quality products. Our soap products are designed to enhance the skin. Pure extended Life uses pure and natural ingredients designed to moisturize, rejuvenate, and make the skin feel clean. Our soap products use ingredients such as oatmeal, honey, Shea butter, and other ingredients to help exfoliate, moisturize, and
may make the skin feel refreshed. The benefits are amazing! Start using our pure and natural products today!

Our soap products are made from the best pure and natural ingredients. Using our soap may make your skin feel clean, rejuvenated and properly moisturized. The benefits are amazing!

  1. Earth Rain – made from oatmeal, honey and aloe. Our Earth Rain Soap moisturizes, can relieve itchy skin, exfoliates, and may give your skin a feeling of relief and refreshment.
  2. Rainbow Fresh – made from Shea Butter, honey and aloe. Our Rainbow-Fresh soap may reduce inflammation and moisturizer your skin. Enjoy this colorful, cheerful aroma that will keep you smelling fresh.
  3. Sweet Fruit – Made out of Aloe, honey and cocoa butter. Our Sweet Fruit soap conditions skin, may reduce stretch marks, and may fight off free radicals which can cause dark spots and skin aging. Enjoy this Light scent that will keep you smelling good.

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Rainbow Fresh, Earth Rain, Sweet Fruit

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